Super Cora-Bolt 2

Developed by Twisted Team

Are you ready for the next retro challenge? - Now Cora is armed with dual water pistols and can blast her way through waves of slimy foes!


Run, Jump and Shoot with Cora and friends over 50 stages, across Forests, Ice Ruins and Towers! You can even unlock up to 150 stages with in-app purchases for even more Cora action!


Unlock new Costumes, Art Galley and even Black Jack by collecting Crystals hidden in the stages.


Super Cora-Bolt 2 Credits


Director & Programmer: Lewis Pugh

Sprite Art: Ville Vuorio

Aditional Art: Cristina Garriga Turro, Ville Vuorio, Lilian Lim, Timothy Nightingale, Roselyn Caraan, Marlon Teunissen

Music: Jonathan Adamich

©Leuvsion 2015