Twisted Fates

Developed by Twisted Team

Three girls end up in a world unlike our own. Surrounded by strange creatures and odd locals, their only salvation is their...


Water guns!


Luckily water is a powerful element in this strange land, and just the thing they happen to be in possession of. Their objective now is to find a way back home, but before them stands a foe shrouded in darkness, terrorizing the local population.


Are the girls fated to face this dark being in order to get back home?


Choose one of three stories to kick start the 35 beautifully designed levels which include action, exploration and stealth. Brilliantly designed cute and crazy enemies teamed with dangerous bosses. Unlock new games, weapons and playable characters and even compete online and earn achievements!


Get your water guns ready and take aim!

Twisted Fates Credits


Director & Programmer: Lewis Pugh

Sprite Art & Main Artist: Ville Vuorio

Music: Jonathan Adamich

©Leuvsion 2015