Weather Heads

Developed by Leuvsion & BoarHunter

Introducing the ‘head scratching’ debut collaboration of ‘Leuvsion’ and ‘BoarHunter’


Today’s forecast: puzzle craziness with a spell of strategy and a front of fun frustration moving in!


Harness the power of sun, rain, wind, snow and lightning to complete 50 unique puzzles. Match up blocks of the same time to clear them, but be warned; clearing blocks of one type will cause other blocks on the field to transform. Puzzles become increasingly tricky as blocks become harder and harder to clear.


Can you weather the storm and become a true ‘Weatherhead’?



Weather Heads Credits


Director, Concept & Music: Ian Hannam

Programmer: Lewis Pugh

Art:  Roselyn Caraan

©Leuvsion 2015